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Stories and studies on the evolving phygital landscape

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Go Digital First: make phygital work

Digital First needs to be part of every bank’s phygital strategy. Tech-savvy customers demand as much in their search for the best experience.

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Phygital banking – the key to the perfect customer experience

The way we bank has changed considerably, with people seeking the flexibility of digital, but with a human touch at key points of customer interaction. To solve this, Mehdi Heidari from G+D advocates for phygital banking, a concept that offers the best of both worlds.

Why the Future is Phygital

Read the commentary by Mehdi Heidari, Head of Product Management Digital Issuance, to learn more about how a phygital approach meets the needs of all end users, published in ICMA - the magazine of the International Card Management Association

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The future of banking: phygital use cases

Phygital customer experiences enable banks to offer the best of both physical and digital.

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Designing digital banking for different demographics

Customer journeys that strike the right balance of physical and digital are key to appealing to different age groups.

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Best of both worlds: Balancing digital and physical channels in retail banking

Financial Services Practice by McKinsey: Banking distribution needs to account for the evolving interdependencies between channels. Accelerating digital and upgrading the physical experience to “phygital” offers a viable solution.

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Interview: The future of banking is phygital

Payments Cards & Mobile spoke with Gabrielle Bugat, Member of Group Management Team of G+D, heading the Card and Digital Payment Business at Giesecke+Devrient,  to explain what exactly this is, what opportunities it offers and what banks need to do to be part of it.

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New G+D survey proves that the future of banking is phygital

The new survey "Opportunities in the phygital landscape" conducted by Global Data on behalf of Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) identifies the most important trends in how banks, financial institutions and financial service providers will interact with their customers in the near future. The focus is clearly on the integration of physical and digital services.

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The bank is where the customer is

The pandemic changed the way we access banking services. How can banks leverage technology and develop their physical presence to maximize user experience?

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The perfect customer journey in banking

As discussions surrounding the intersection of physical and digital intensify, the right approach will be instrumental for banks to evolve customer relationships and improve customer loyalty.

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Driving phygital banking transformation

At G+D’s DCX event, digital payment expert Richard Turrin and G+D’s Gabrielle Bugat came together to discuss phygital transformation.

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Are banks ready for the phygital future?

Discover what banks think about the trends at the intersection of physical and digital banking, from developing a cohesive customer journey to ensuring a physical presence.

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Transforming the payment value chain

The payment industry is in flux. It is fast-moving and ever-changing, yet legacy issues mean that transformation can pose a challenge

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Finding a balance between digital and in-person banking

Phygital solutions could help banks to thrive by providing a seamless and adaptive service to their customers.

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How to improve the payment card activation process

Discover the benefits of digitalizing the payment card activation process.